pallets of printed sheets of cardboard

Custom packaging. Any design, infinite solutions.

We love the challenge to find the best package solution to cater for your need and this is where our expertise is at OGMA.

Do you need to create a good looking display box for the store shelves?

If you need a beautiful slick full-colour offset printed box we can create that. Or do you need to print a logo or a nice pattern directly on the corrugated cardboard? Then we have screen printing possibilities to cater for that. In short, we support many printing options and if we are missing one to cater for your need let us know and we will solve that.

Are you looking for a box that needs to work with your automated packaging line? Let us iterate on the design together until we are sure it will work for you.

We can cater both for smaller and larger volumes. And thanks to our large die cutting machine we have managed to increase the production capacity even more.