round pucks for robo pallets

Highly specialised products

At Ogma we love problem-solving and we have been involved in many projects where we have been challenged.

Sample catalogues: We created sample catalogues for different types of plastic flooring where we needed to glue different pieces of real flooring to catalogue pages.

We created sample catalogues for plastic-carpet sealants. Where we needed to mill the plastic carpet samples and fill them with the sample seam and then make a sample catalogue of those.

Having hundreds of different samples for every catalogue takes a lot of processes and logistic set-up to make the project run smoothly and this is something we love to figure out.

We help wallpaper companies do sample catalogues for their range.

We have also developed a specialised paper pallet for one client to support their automated assembly robot. This is a much more cost-efficient and more environmental solution than the wooden or plastic versions used in the past. But to create them we needed to develop special tools and work methods to produce pallets with the accuracy needed for the robots to work properly.

We are helping one of Sweden’s largest cleaning equipment manufacturers to print logos and information directly on the equipment they sell, using different print techniques.

In short, we love “problem-solving”. Finding the best solution to your specific need and we are not afraid to create brand new processes for it to work in fact we love to think outside the box even though we are the ones making it.